I’m Naked and Someone is About to Take My Picture! Say What?!?!

I know – when you say it like that, it’s hard to imagine that anyone could possibly feel comfortable doing a boudoir photography session. But, it seriously happens! I’m not making it up. . . people usually say to me “You are so calming, and sweet. . . I did not expect to feel so comfortable. . . it’s like your my best-girlfiend after only 5 minutes!. . . I cannot believe how much fun this was!. . . I was so nervous, and you made this entire experience so easy!” I honestly just enjoy meeting new people, making everyone feel safe and comfortable, and of course to having fun!  The reality is, that I’m just a regular gal, married, two kids, very klutzy, sometimes funny, with a great eye for detail and an amazing photographer . . . and that combination totally works for me!

So. . . lets get to the good stuff and talk about being nakie! Wooop wooop! Does’t the thought of stripping down in front of my super FANCY camera (ooh-la-la), in my AMAZING studio (sounds fun, right?), and striking your most glamorous pose sound so amazing?? Probably not! Even I am terrified by the sound of that! What really happens, is that I coach and help you throughout the entire photo shoot, showing you exactly how to pose. You do not need to know anything about modeling, cameras, boudoir, posing, or anything else that you can think of ahead of time.  It’s okay if you are a tom-boy, curvy, tall, short, skinny, awkward, have a zit/bruise/scar/butt dimples. . . we will work with everything that the lord gave you, and you’ll love the results. Some clients will bare-all, and others like to keep it conservative. . . I will make sure we stay within your comfort zone. Just keep in mind that my clients are NOT models, they are real just like YOU. . . they are (just to name a few professions of some of my amazing clients): moms, realtors, teachers, lawyers, veterinarians, corporate professionals, photographers, HR reps, dental hygienists, corrections officers, country girls, loan specialist, retail associates, a preacher’s wife (one of my personal favorites!), executive assistants, science museum coordinator, and nurses.

Sharing a few images below from a session this month! Loved helping her create the perfect anniversary gift!!

Dallas Boudoir Studio Anniversary

I'm Marie!

Well hello there! I'm so glad you are here! If you are reading this, then you are more than likely considering a boudoir session at the award-winning Pink Door Boudoir Studio! No matter the reason, a boudoir session with me is an amazing experience that you will never forget. I ensure that you look your best, coaching you and helping you every step of the way. My goal is to make every woman feel amazing, enjoy their boudoir photo session at the studio, and fall in love with themselves and their images! Shoot me an email, send me a text. . . and let’s get this going! Your countdown to GORGEOUS begins now!