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One of my super sweet clients just sent me the video of her husband opening her book during their romantic getaway trip to celebrate his 40th birthday. I cried tears of joy as I watched the video. . . it’s so amazing to see his reaction, but more amazing because I know how special this gift was, and how much she loved her photos, it literally brought me to tears. I would love to share it, but for their privacy, I’m just going to type it out. First, his eye brows raise and he gets a little smile on his face when he sees the cover of the book. He opens to the first page and then he says, “oh my god, thank you” (and I think he’s still not sure what he’s looking at, it’s still sinking in). As he starts turning the pages, he says (he’s now getting flustered in a good way), “when did you? Oh my….”, I’m loving this part because he not even speaking in complete sentences.  “God. . . you’re . . . ” he turns another page, “. . . beautiful”. And then way he says “beautiful”, it’s like in awe and breathless. . . it would make any woman melt!  And finally we hear him say, “Holy Shit!”.  The look on his face says it all!

Let’s back up a bit. Ms. K first emailed me about setting up a boudoir session. She came into the studio for a tour, and I could tell that she really wanted to do the session, but that she was also very nervous (who isn’t nervous!? Lingerie and camera combo is enough to make anyone have tummy butterflies). When I sent her the link gallery, she emailed me back right away and said, “Holy Crap!!!! How am I going to choose?! Those pics are amazing…you made me look like a model!”  The thing is, she BROUGHT IT to the session. . . she went all out, let loose, let go, and did not let anything hold her back. She took direction perfectly, and she totally rocked it out!

When she came back by the studio to pick up her book, she was convinced that I had photoshopped the bageezies out of her. . . and the truth is, I didn’t.  Later that day, I received this email from her:

“I didn’t go into this in the studio this morning because I still get emotional when I talk about it & didn’t wanna cry all over your office before you had to do another photo shoot. 🙂 I did think you would be interested to know, though. I grew up in a very small town where everyone knew everyone else. We did not have much money or live in a nice house when I was growing up. I was always picked on throughout school. I was made to feel ugly and like I didn’t measure up. I didn’t do my hair right, I didn’t wear the right clothes, I wasn’t pretty enough, etc. From the time I was very young all the way through high school I felt like this. I started to feel like I was actually ugly & that I really didn’t measure up. I seriously lacked self-confidence and self-esteem. As I’ve gotten older, I have come to accept myself for who I am and started to gain self-confidence & self-esteem. I realized that I am not ugly & that I do measure up. Still, I always thought my looks are average and nothing more. When you sent me the link to the gallery & I opened it, I was absolutely blown away. I actually looked like a model!!! My confidence and self-esteem went up. Then when you told me you hardly photoshopped them that made me feel even better. Seriously! I NEVER thought I could actually look like that. Those pictures have given me so much more confidence. I am very grateful for what you do and your attitude towards beauty. Thank you for not photoshopping so much that it’s not really “me” in those pictures. You made me think that maybe I am actually pretty. 🙂 ”

My job is amazing!

I'm Marie!

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