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We have so many clients that do their sessions as a gift for their fiancés, and we LOVE Bridal Boudoir photo sessions! We also have many clients that come in for anniversaries, birthdays, for themselves, and just because. . . no matter the reason, a boudoir session at our studio is an amazing and fun experience. Sharing a few images from on of our recent Bridal boudoir sessions! Here’s what she said:

What made you choose Pink Door Boudoir? I decided to choose Pink Door Boudoir because of her quality of work and reviews! When researching the studio, I just loved all of her photos and based on the reviews, all of her clients had a fun and comfortable experience!

Before arriving, were you nervous? What things were you especially nervous about? Then, once you arrived and we got started, how did that change? Before arriving for my session, I was definitely nervous! I was nervous if my outfits would look nice and whether I would look nice in this type of photography. However, as soon as the session started all of those nerves vanished! Marie has such a welcoming and encouraging feeling about her! She helped me figure out which of my outfits were best and knew how to pose my body based on those outfits. She was also super encouraging as we went which built my confidence and put my nerves to rest!

Tell us about your hair and make-up transformation: The hair and makeup transformation was phenomenal! I choose to add hair extensions and I’m so glad I did! The extensions matched my hair perfectly and added that extra volume to feel sexy! Overall, I felt very beautiful and like a more polished version of myself.

What did you love most about your photo session? What I loved about my session the most was how it made me feel. Instead of being a nervous mess, I ended up feeling very proud and confident! I felt the least self-conscious that I had in a long time which let me enjoy being happy and beautiful.

After seeing your online gallery, how did you feel? After seeing my online gallery, I was ecstatic! Marie did such a wonderful job of posing and shooting me! I was hoping for good but was happily surprised by some outstanding photos! I’ve never seen myself so pretty.

What would you say to another lady who is considering a boudoir session at Pink Door? If you’re considering a session, I would encourage you to do it! It’s such a confidence booster and allows you to see yourself in a new way! The entire experience was so comfortable and easy with Marie and her beauty team there every step of the way. I genuinely had so much fun and wish I could do it all again tomorrow.

I'm Marie!

Well hello there! I'm so glad you are here! If you are reading this, then you are more than likely considering a boudoir session at the award-winning Pink Door Boudoir Studio! No matter the reason, a boudoir session with me is an amazing experience that you will never forget. I ensure that you look your best, coaching you and helping you every step of the way. My goal is to make every woman feel amazing, enjoy their boudoir photo session at the studio, and fall in love with themselves and their images! Shoot me an email, send me a text. . . and let’s get this going! Your countdown to GORGEOUS begins now!