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Boudoir Studio Investment

Pink Door Boudoir Studio is located in a super cute and luxurious studio in a historic building in Downtown McKinney, located at 109 W. Virginia St – Suite 202A, McKinney, TX! The studio is breathtaking, has a private dressing room (filled with heels, accessories and goodies), and gorgeous furniture! Marie and her professional hair and make-up artist are committed to giving you an incredible boudoir experience and photos that you will love!  Marie will hold your hand each step of the way, make you laugh (she’s goofy!) and assist you with amazing and flattering poses. She has an eye for detail, and will ensure that your outfit looks perfect and every hair is in place. After the shoot, she spends hours going through each photo, choosing the best, and artistically editing them to perfection!  50% deposit or Payment Plan is due at time of booking and 8.25% Texas state sales tax applies to all packages and products. Learn more about the Boudoir Studio: McKinney Boudoir Studio

Pink Door Boudoir’s Sessions Include:

  • Professional Hair and Make-up: Professional hair and make-up with lashes is included by our in-house artist! (not included with the LUXE MINI session).
  • Style and Preparation Guide: Complete wardrobe and style guide to assist you with selecting outfits, and a full guide on what to expect, including tips and prep details for your session.
  • Pre-Session Consultation: Marie will review your wardrobe prior to your session, ensuring that everything is perfect for the shoot.
  • Coaching During Session: Full posing and facial expression coaching during your entire session to ensure you look amazing. I will literally pose you from head to toe!
  • Glamorous image Editing: All final images presented in your online gallery will be fully edited and beautiful!
  • Private Online Viewing Gallery: No need to come back to the studio after your session, all images are presented in a private online viewing gallery for you to make selections for your album or digital package.

We proudly offer payment plans via PayPal Credit!

LUXE MINI Package – $295

  • 40 minute photography session
  • 2 outfit/wardrobe changes and 1 nude set
  • Private online viewing gallery (all images are all fully edited) within 3 days of your session
  • 15 Digital Images of your choice (high res – with printing rights)
  • Upgrade option to add a BLACK BOOK to this package!

The SWEETIE Package – $550

  • Professional make-up only, with lashes
  • 45 minute photography session
  • 3 outfit/wardrobe changes
  • Private online viewing gallery (all images are all fully edited)
  • 5×5 Black Book with 10 of your favorite images
  • Digital copy of the 10 images selected for your book (high res – with printing rights)

The CLASSIC Package – $695

  • Professional hair and make-up, with lashes
  • 60 minute photography session
  • Recommendation up to 4 outfit/wardrobe changes
  • Private online viewing gallery (all images are all fully edited)
  • 6×9 Black Book with 20 of your favorite images
  • Digital copy of the 20 images selected for your book (high res – with printing rights)

The BOMBSHELL Experience – $895

  • Professional hair and make-up, with lashes
  • 70 minute photography session
  • Recommended up to 6 outfit/wardrobe changes
  • Private online viewing gallery (all images are all fully edited)
  • 8×8 Exclusive Album with 30 images, and a presentation box
  • Choose from a minimum of 65 fully-edited images
  • Digital copy of the 30 images selected for your Album (high res – with printing rights)

The ULTIMATE Experience – $1295

  • Professional hair and make-up, with lashes
  • 90 minute photography session
  • Unlimited outfit/wardrobe changes
  • Private online viewing gallery (all images are all fully edited)
  • 8×10 Exclusive Album up to 40 images, and a presentation box
  • Choose from a minimum of 80 fully-edited images
  • ALL Digitals included! All of your beautifully edited digital images in gallery (fully edited – high res – with printing rights)

Additional Details:

All packages require 50% deposit or Payment Plan via PayPal to reserve your session date (see “HOW TO RESERVE” for details on the payment plan). LUXE MINI sessions are paid in full upfront. Rescheduling: For appointments less than 2 weeks away, there is a $150 rescheduling fee. If you need to reschedule LESS THAN 48 HOURS from your appointment, a new deposit will be required to reschedule your session. We appreciate your understanding on this policy, and please let me know if you have any questions. Images will be edited and uploaded to a secure online gallery within 1-2 weeks of your session date.

“Why Boudoir?”

I see Boudoir photography as an art and a way to showcase your best features. Boudoir photos are for you and your loved-one. I enjoy making women feel empowered, giving them confidence, and stripping away the insecurities. My clients are amazed and blown-away when they get to see their first “sneak peek” photo!  My sessions are easy, fun, and full of laughter!

Boudoir Photography: Pronounced bü-dwär, is French for bedroom. Boudoir Photography refers to sexy, classy photos and images of flirtation, sensuality, and romance. Boudoir Photography is for women who wish to take intimate, modern, glamorous, sensual and sexy pictures.

Do you want to give your boyfriend, fiancé, or husband a surprise he will never be able to forget?  Something that may leave him speechless, or one he may not be able to stop talking about?  Boudoir portraits are the perfect gift for a birthday, wedding night, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or any day you would like show him how lucky he is to have you by his side. Boyfriends, finances, and husbands are always blown away by the courage and beauty in your boudoir photos!

We also have women, moms, single ladies who do it for themselves, to document the beauty and confidence they possess during this time of their lives.

Whatever the reason, Marie will ensure that your experience is comfortable, fun and creative, and more importantly provides your with irresistible images to capture your beauty!  Remember, it is all about you! Whether you are excited, a little nervous, or both, one of the first things to remember is that even if your photos are a gift for someone else, your boudoir session is about you.

Frequently Asked Questions 

I have imperfections, can you make me look good?

Yes! None of us has a perfect body.  Even supermodels get Photoshopped to perfection. I will guide and pose you in a way that is flattering for you, and I also enhance your boudoir images with the best editing tools.  In editing, I will be removing flaws, giving you glowing skin, removing all of those dots and dimples. Still worried? Let’s talk about!

Do you photoshop/edit images?

Yes, yes and yes! I personally edit each image. It’s important for you to know that only you and I will see your images. Images are NEVER sent to a third-party for editing.

I’m afraid I’ll be nervous and uncomfortable, and that it will show in my portraits.

Truth is that everyone’s a little nervous at first.  But I promise you will have a good time, and by the end of your boudoir session, you’ll feel amazing!  I will guide you every step of the way! I will literally pose you from head to toe, coaching you through your facial expressions, and showing you exactly what to do. It’s really fun – and you will love your images!

Where does the session take place?

The Pink Door Boudoir Studio located in historic Downtown McKinney, at 1109 W. Virginia St – Suite 202A.  The studio charming and unique, with a private GLAM room, private dressing room, restroom and a beautiful shooting space! To learn more about the studio space, go to McKinney Boudoir Studio – Pink Door Boudoir.

Will you post my boudoir photographs on the Internet?

I would love to share your beautiful boudoir portraits on my website, but I will only share if you consent. Otherwise, they are for your eyes only. I take confidentiality and your privacy very seriously, and images are secure and only displayed with permissions.

What about hair and makeup for my portrait session?

I strongly recommend you have your hair and make-up professionally styled for your boudoir portrait session.  Most of our packages include in-studio professional hair, make-up and lash application.

How long does it take to receive my images?

Your private online viewing gallery will be available within 12 days of your session (rush accommodations can be made). Once your favorite photos from your boudoir session are selected, prints, books and albums will be delivered within 1-2 weeks.

What should I bring to my boudoir photography session?

I will provide you with wardrobe guide  and style guide that will help you build your outfits for your photo session. I’ll also help with other tips/suggestions and ways to prep for your session so that you are 100% ready!  We do not have a closet of lingerie. . . I personally believe that lingerie should represent YOU – your style, your fit and your favorite colors.

What should I not wear to my boudoir photography session?

Please do not wear clothing, lingerie or underwear that is so tight that it squeezes deeply into your skin. When you book your session, I’ll send you  a style guide and tips guide that will help you with wardrobe and preparation for your session.

Can my significant-other be in the photo shoot with me?

We do not offer “couples boudoir” and men are not allowed in the studio. There are no exceptions to this rule.

I’m ready! How do I book my session?

Call, text or email me at 214-980-3504 and It’s easy and fun, I promise!